Lunar Calendar

July 2017


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Lunar Phases

First Quarter (waxing) Full moon Last Quarter (waning) New moon

Moon Magic

The New moon - This is the best time to cast spells for new beginnings or bringing new things into your life.

The Waxing moon - This is a good time for building up strength, expansion and growth.

The Full moon - This is the time that most powers are at their peak. This is the best time for casting a spell to draw energies towards you as they will give good outcomes. You should however take note that there is a full moon for three days, the night before the full moon, the full moon and the night after. The second day is the most powerful as that is the true full moon and its peak.

The Waning moon - This is the most powerful time to cast spells to remove problems, protection and neutralising adversaries.


Notes and Acknowledgements

When we started this project we assumed that the lunar cyle was 28 days long, however this didn't work, so we did a bit of research and found out that it was actually 29.5 days long. However, this still wasn't accurate enough for our calendar, so thank you to J. Stein Carter whose moon phase calculations we used.

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