About me

I’ve been an amateur artist and poet for most of my life, I worked in IT in the 2000s as a web designer, instructional designer and graphic artist.  I’ve been a practising pagan for nearly 20 years, and have an interest in all types of spirituality and mysticism.  I studied Cognitive Science at Exeter University which was an amazing degree although a lot of work, but it broadened my horizons, and was one of the best experiences of my life.

My main interests are nature, cats, goldfish, birds, cooking, gardening, herbs, ancient lore, art, crafts, magic and mysticism.

I live in Cullompton in Mid Devon with my husband Gareth, our cats Thai, Flame and Daffyd and goldfish Toshi.  In 2010 we bought our first house a 400 year old cottage that we are gradually improving.  It has a large garden which did get on top of me this year, but I am not defeated and have lots of plans for next year.

Gillean Lazelle Oct 2015

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