The sun returns

Well the solstice has been and gone and the plans that we had to go out on the morning and find a yule log were put to bed with Gareth as he had man flu.  It’s been a quiet holiday, with lots of cooking and eating, the year before I felt we had missed out as it’s difficult to buy food to cover four allergies/intolerances, so this year I did a lot of cooking and most of it was a success.  I made the cake as posted before, although the decorations didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, gluten free lebkuchen, apple and mincemeat tart, and mushroom  wellington for our Yule main.  I’ve also been playing around with coconut panna cotta using agar agar which worked surprisingly well so will be added to the regular repertoire.

As my real world art course was cancelled I’ve signed up for an online course which I’m hoping to start soon.  The dismal, dreary, constant rain we’ve had for months has put me off adventuring outside and has been quite depressing.  However, I have plans for a couple of paintings and poems to go with, which I have started, so all is not lost yet.

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