Winter is coming

Well my plans for the watercolour course have fizzled out as the course got cancelled due to lack of interest.  I’ve had this problem with learndevon before, they don’t seem to do much promoting.  I’ve contacted the artist running the course and she’s planning to try again in the spring and I might try promoting it myself to see if I can get people interested. I think in the interim I might try an online course.  I have been painting, mainly autumnal leaves, and am beginning to get my colours to blend nicely.  When I was a child I was fan of Rosina Wachtmeister partly because I love cats, and partly because I loved the metallic elements she added.  On this theme I outlined a recent leaf watercolour with a  bronze pen which worked very well, what didn’t work so well was highlighting the veins in gold, the pen was a bit too fat and the lines are too big, but it’s given me some ideas.  I’ve also decided, after watching a few videos on youtube to start sketching simple shapes like leaves with watercolour pencils rather than graphite pencils as they give a softer line.  I’ll post some photos soon of how I’m getting on.

As the weather is drawing in here, we’ve had rain and lots of wind so the garden is a riot of fallen leaves and as we head towards the solstice, like most people I’m making preparations for that, including starting my Yule cake today.  With all the food allergies (bananas, citrus, gluten and dairy) in this house, I have to make everything from scratch.  I substitute citrus peel for crystalised ginger in my cake and it works really well.  I have some ideas for decorating it this year and I’ll post a photo when I’m done.  Now to think about Solstice cards…

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