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Online Tarot

A few years ago I decided to create my own Tarot and although I’m an artist, seventy eight cards was a bit daunting.  I did create them, but some of the images are stock art.  One day I will get around to creating new images, probably birds as I do love drawing them… so when I have a spare few hundred hours I’ll do that.

I researched and wrote all the meanings, they are brief but have significance to me and I think they still work well for me.

There is a link at the bottom of the sidebar, or if you want to try it now click here.

There is a database that stores the readings, so if you can’t print it, go to the overview page and if you save the link you can go back and look at it again.  I have quite a lot of space on my hosting, so have no plans to empty the database for a while.  I could do logins and such but it is rather a lot of work for a simple little tool.