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Summer Solstice morning

Well in years gone past, I’ve stayed up on Dartmoor over night with friends (in the rain) to see the sun rise on the solstice, but this year with another predicted wet and rainy morning I didn’t set up alarm.  However, Daffyd, one of my cats, woke me up at 04:10 so I got up, to greet the wet morning.  Living in a small town I couldn’t see the sun rise, but I did light a candle and welcome the dawn.

Summer Solstice

Well the Summer Solstice is almost upon us and the weather in typical British style has involved heavy rain and thunder-storms this week.  As I have two weeks off work after tomorrow, I am hoping it will improve.  I have finalised the design for my first set of temporary tattoos and have been experimenting on myself, although I’m going to try them on a few friends as well before I put them up on my Etsy Store.


sun fire tat ideas

Blessed Beltane

Well the weather for Beltane was a bit dismal, but things have certainly brightened up this week in Mid-Devon, and we’re having a mini heat wave now.  I’ve been managing to get out in the garden and start doing a bit of weeding after 18 months of mother’s ill health and then mine, so the garden needs a lot of work, but I’m trying to do it, little by little.

I’ve started designing some temporary tattoos for my Etsy store, I decided to start with Summer Solstice themed and noticed I was swinging between two design styles, so am going to do two different sheets, one titled Sun and Fire and the other Henna Lace.  My paper supplier has of course run out of tattoo paper, but it gives me a bit more time to finalise the designs.  I’m also planning a Black and grey series for later in the year for Samhain… I’ll post images as I go and let you know when they are available in my shop.

sun fire tat ideas

Happy Imbolc


The first days of Spring,

Winter is ending,

Snow is melting,

First buds are showing.

Imbolc the festival of Brigid,

Burning bright and lighting the way for Spring in all its glory.

The beginning, the first breath before the earth starts to ripen,

The circle turns, bringing new life and hope.

It feels strange to be celebrating Imbolc when I feel like we haven’t had a proper winter this year.   Imbolc is not a festival we do much for, it’s a time for contemplation and planning for the year to come.

I have started my online watercolour class, and so far so good, I hope to post some examples soon.

Blessed Samhain

For Pagans the 31st October is the festival of Samhain.  It is the last day of Celtic year, the end of summer as Celts only had three seasons.  It is the day when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, a day to honour your ancestors, talk to and honour the spirits of those you have lost,  to consider the year gone by and make plans for the new.

Our Samhain celebrations are fairly low key.  Once the last of the trick or treaters have visited, we light candles and talk about friends and family who have gone to the summerlands.  I lay a place at the dinner table for my father who died almost 14 years ago.  We also do a blessing list every year.  To say thank you to the people who’ve been influential in our life for that year and bless them in the year to come.  It begins by opening the list we did the previous year, and then we write a new list which is sealed and not opened until the following Samhain.

However, you celebrate, have a blessed Samhain.