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Happy Imbolc


The first days of Spring,

Winter is ending,

Snow is melting,

First buds are showing.

Imbolc the festival of Brigid,

Burning bright and lighting the way for Spring in all its glory.

The beginning, the first breath before the earth starts to ripen,

The circle turns, bringing new life and hope.

It feels strange to be celebrating Imbolc when I feel like we haven’t had a proper winter this year.   Imbolc is not a festival we do much for, it’s a time for contemplation and planning for the year to come.

I have started my online watercolour class, and so far so good, I hope to post some examples soon.

The sun returns

Well the solstice has been and gone and the plans that we had to go out on the morning and find a yule log were put to bed with Gareth as he had man flu.  It’s been a quiet holiday, with lots of cooking and eating, the year before I felt we had missed out as it’s difficult to buy food to cover four allergies/intolerances, so this year I did a lot of cooking and most of it was a success.  I made the cake as posted before, although the decorations didn’t turn out quite how I wanted, gluten free lebkuchen, apple and mincemeat tart, and mushroom  wellington for our Yule main.  I’ve also been playing around with coconut panna cotta using agar agar which worked surprisingly well so will be added to the regular repertoire.

As my real world art course was cancelled I’ve signed up for an online course which I’m hoping to start soon.  The dismal, dreary, constant rain we’ve had for months has put me off adventuring outside and has been quite depressing.  However, I have plans for a couple of paintings and poems to go with, which I have started, so all is not lost yet.


Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?  Have you ever met someone and been poleaxed and known with absolutely certainty that this person, for good or ill, is going to have an important impact on your life?  It’s happened to me a few times. This poem was the second time.  It almost wrote itself and the words came straight out of the dark abyss of my subconscious.  I think you can tell that things were never going to work out well….



A Hand reaches out and disturbs the tranquillity, a pool ripples and then is still
She pauses to look within and sees a perfect reflection.

How on Earth could this be? When she looks, she sees he

She is the guardian of the gate, she has the heart of the warrior race,
She shows the world her strength, her courage.
She shows the world her love, her knowledge

But she built herself an ivory tower with bricks of fear and stones of pain.
Let me be free says she, but only she could build it and only she can tear it down.

I’m lonely says she, can’t she see that so is he?

As the stars shine down on each apart, no power will let them share their hearts
Yet each within them has the power, the key, the lock, to undo the tower.
Will they ever slay their fears? Will they ever shed their tears?
Fate has not yet had it’s say, but surely they must try one day.

I’m afraid says he, can’t he see that so is she?

But he built himself an ivory tower with bricks of fear and stones of pain.
Let me be free says he, but only he could build it and only he can tear it down.

Never crueller could fate be than to let them their reflections see.

He is the guardian of the gate, he has the heart of the warrior race,
He shows the world his strength, his courage.
He shows the world his love, his knowledge

Where on Earth will they find, the strength to let them be entwined?

A Hand reaches out and disturbs the tranquillity, a pool ripples and then is still
He pauses to look within and sees a perfect reflection.


Eternal Triangles

As I’ve been playing with words and thinking of poetry, I thought I’d post some of my old poetry.  I started this poem in 1997/1998.  My friends used to call this my Iliad and despite writing three endings, I was never happy with any of them,  I think perhaps it’s better without one.  It was based on an idea for a story, dream fragments and some rather strange experiences which I will leave to your imagination.

At the dawn of time they were created one,
A bond of light never to be undone.
In life or death they were never apart,
One breath, one soul and forever one heart.

The world they made was awakened and new,
Order and chaos balanced and true.
Light and dark as God had planned,
Side by side in the promised land.

The light and dark had houses four,
With roles to play to uphold God’s law.
Each held domain in their given spheres,
Honed to perfection over the years.

Lyris and Nevar, guardians blue,
Their love eternal, pure and true.
But Nevar’s vanity was his fatal flaw,
And he put himself above the law.

Brothers can sometimes turn to foe,
And the dark decided the light had to go.
The balance changed the tide did turn,
They saw their people die, their cities burn.

But this was not how the battle was won,
No the dark decided to tempt someone.
A guardian of the light, their highest son,
And Nevar’s treachery left them undone.

A traitor in their very midst,
That link of light was sorely missed.
The dark thought them destroyed at last,
A fitting end to their foe of past.

But into this troubled world a stranger came,
A lonely wanderer with a heart untamed.
A mortal with the gift of sight,
A link to rejoin that chain of light.

Paris with his heart so true,
Paris with his eyes so blue,
One look at Lyris used, betrayed,
His heart did love, forever swayed.

Far into their future their love would reach,
A sacred marriage to seal the breach.
To join once more the house of light,
And keep them from eternal night.

The children of light looked into the night,
Their only hope for them to take flight.
They searched the galaxies far and wide,
And found a new home, a place to hide.

They took on the form of the people there,
And covered their tracks with utmost care.
They hid their history until it was needed
But in legend and myth the pieces were seeded.

Their lives passed by and they kept to their cages,
But the enemy hindered them down through the ages.
For they had seen too late by then
That balance undone will come again.

For once the scale was tipped their way,
Evil was born and was here to stay.
But when the dark is at its peak,
The dawn of light will start to creep.