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Blessed Beltane

Well the weather for Beltane was a bit dismal, but things have certainly brightened up this week in Mid-Devon, and we’re having a mini heat wave now.  I’ve been managing to get out in the garden and start doing a bit of weeding after 18 months of mother’s ill health and then mine, so the garden needs a lot of work, but I’m trying to do it, little by little.

I’ve started designing some temporary tattoos for my Etsy store, I decided to start with Summer Solstice themed and noticed I was swinging between two design styles, so am going to do two different sheets, one titled Sun and Fire and the other Henna Lace.  My paper supplier has of course run out of tattoo paper, but it gives me a bit more time to finalise the designs.  I’m also planning a Black and grey series for later in the year for Samhain… I’ll post images as I go and let you know when they are available in my shop.

sun fire tat ideas

Winter is coming

Well my plans for the watercolour course have fizzled out as the course got cancelled due to lack of interest.  I’ve had this problem with learndevon before, they don’t seem to do much promoting.  I’ve contacted the artist running the course and she’s planning to try again in the spring and I might try promoting it myself to see if I can get people interested. I think in the interim I might try an online course.  I have been painting, mainly autumnal leaves, and am beginning to get my colours to blend nicely.  When I was a child I was fan of Rosina Wachtmeister partly because I love cats, and partly because I loved the metallic elements she added.  On this theme I outlined a recent leaf watercolour with a  bronze pen which worked very well, what didn’t work so well was highlighting the veins in gold, the pen was a bit too fat and the lines are too big, but it’s given me some ideas.  I’ve also decided, after watching a few videos on youtube to start sketching simple shapes like leaves with watercolour pencils rather than graphite pencils as they give a softer line.  I’ll post some photos soon of how I’m getting on.

As the weather is drawing in here, we’ve had rain and lots of wind so the garden is a riot of fallen leaves and as we head towards the solstice, like most people I’m making preparations for that, including starting my Yule cake today.  With all the food allergies (bananas, citrus, gluten and dairy) in this house, I have to make everything from scratch.  I substitute citrus peel for crystalised ginger in my cake and it works really well.  I have some ideas for decorating it this year and I’ll post a photo when I’m done.  Now to think about Solstice cards…

New beginnings

It’s been an interesting year, and I seem to be coming out of a slew of negative energy, with me, my family and friends being ill, in some cases life threateningly, but we all survived.  I have a history of autoimmune disease and when I started feeling ill early in the year then started having problems walking I think we all thought that perhaps I had a new one.  It turned out to be a simple vitamin D deficiency (probably linked to my thyroid problems).  Simple I say, and only noticeably symptomatic for a few months, but since I’ve been taking the tablets, I’ve noticed symptoms I’ve had for years that were put down to my thyroid or my age disappearing.

I’ve been calling myself a Pagan for about 18 years as people need labels to categorise you but it’s a bit more complex than that.  I’ve always been interested in spirituality and religion, but about 18 years ago it sought me out.  I’ve been called a catalyst, a dwell point and a few less complementary things over the years, the Powers That Be seem to like using me to effect change, I’ve been a mirror for some people, although usually a passive action on my part. Perhaps this had been happening for longer, but this was when I noticed it.

Of course sometimes I happen to be on the receiving end.  I used to write, a lot. Journals, letters, poetry, stories but about 15 years ago I met a writer at a sci fi convention, who made me question why I did, possibly because he was the biggest knob head I’ve ever met, he was completely self obsessed and full of his own self importance. I stopped writing.

I started my business a few years ago to express my creativity, but somewhere along the line, I lost my passion and it became about creating things for people that I thought would sell.  I will still keep producing the “ephemera” as I think it still has a function and I just love the word.

Just as 15 years ago I had a profound but negative experience, I’ve recently had the complete opposite, I met an artist who inspired me, who held up a mirror and I’ve had a long hard look at myself and wondered how I ended up here. As much as I enjoy the art I create on the computer I feel disconnected from it. I don’t draw anymore, I don’t paint any more, I don’t write any more. I want to change that, I want to get out in the world and meet people and do things. I want to write, I want to paint, to create again. So I’d like to thank him, he may not be aware of the effect he had on me, he was after all just a mirror, but I’m thankful anyway,  so thank you my friend, it was an act of Human Kindness,  I hope the gift I gave you had value to you and I hope we meet again.  You’ve helped me get my mojo back.

Change can be scary, because we may feel safe where we are, we know what to expect and we think we know what’s coming.  When you open your heart and mind to change it makes the future less predictable.

We are influenced by the people we meet and the connections we make, so be nice to people, be aware of the effect your energy has on people.

I have signed up for a watercolour class – I can paint – but I thought it would be interesting to do it with a group.  I’ll let you know how I get on.

I have some ideas for mixed media images, words, painting and graphic art combined, I have a project I’m going to try and start this week so I will post on how I’m getting on.